Healthy & Happy in ’21

My name is Mitzi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Before a fabulous friend called and said, “Hey, you wanna lose weight together?” I was sick and TIRED of failed attempts to get in shape! I was so tired all the time—taking daily naps on the couch. I was intelligent but had fuzzy thinking. I ate healthily and was active on my farm all the time, but I didn’t see any solutions on my horizon. I thought I had tried it all. I really had tried so many diets recommended by my personal physician, and crazy fad diets, too. Do you remember the cabbage soup diet? Have you tried snapping your wrist with a thick rubber band instead of reaching for extra carbs? I’m embarrassed to tell you how far and wide I have sought success in dropping weight. I will tell you that none of it worked for me.

Then, I got that fun call from my girlfriend, Sarah. She said, “Let’s do this together!” and I said, “Yes, let’s!” The pounds melted away, the inches dropped like a hot pancake, and my smile grew bigger and bigger and BIGGER! I’m proud to say that 15 months have transpired, and I’m still FIT, and more FABULOUS than ever ♥  

With my consistency in drinking two packets of ZipSlim per day, I have created a healthier body, a vibrant mind, a surge in energy, and I see each day as a gift that I can’t wait to experience. I’ve helped so many people find the magic in this synergistic powder of yumminess. I’ve co-captained 3 Reboot Groups and made everlasting friendships. The 9 Reboot Rituals are effortless—I don’t think twice about making the right decisions. I love helping others to do the same.  

Overall, it took 9 months to reach my high school size 7. I marveled that the inches continued to shed off of my body after the scales seemed stuck. That’s why I teach others that measurements are the golden goose. Because for 6 months after the victories I experienced on the scales, the measurements continued to shrink.  

Now let’s talk about WHAT I GAINED! Confidence! Clearer thinking! Motivation! I have more energy than a 20-something-year-old! My mood is bright. Stress has little to no effect on me ♥ My relationships are better! I love coaching others to find their balance, and I love serving God’s people. As I reflect on 2021 ~ I am THRILLED to report that I was happy and healthy all year long! As I like to Say: Fitter, Healthier and Happier is my reality!

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Before to Beyond Stories