From Porky to Empowered!

My name is Jeff, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I was tired and grouchy with my energy level non existent. Having a severe lack of energy unless it was time to eat. My weight was getting way out of hand. My wife and I would find any excuse to eat. We would make our schedule around where we were going to eat.

Our dear friend Sarah asked us repeatedly to join her on this weight loss journey she was on, but we kept saying no. No, no, no.

Every couple of weeks she would check in. Finally after months of conversation and her incredible results, we said yes. That is when the fun began…

We weighed and measured and after the first week on ZipSlim®, the golden lemonade, I lost 10 pounds. So did my wife!

My energy level started going through the roof and I noticed that my moods were fantastic. I couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt!

After following the 9 Reboot Rituals for my 66 days, I have lost a total of 30 pounds and went from a 2X shirt size to a Large fitting loosely. My pant size went from 36 inches down to a 32.

My friends and family cannot believe the transformation that my wife and I have experienced. They do now because many of them are experiencing the same thing!

I have to mention that Dr. Mark Drucker was right about the increased libido. Before ZipSlim® I was ready to have a funeral service for my libido and energy levels but now… I feel like a teenager again!

ZipSlim® is something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to become healthier, happier and full of energy. This golden juice has changed my life! Thank you, ZipSlim®!


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Before to Beyond Stories