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My name is Charlie, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Charlie and this is my “Before to Beyond” Story. At 54 years old, my body started to completely change, and not in a good way. I had never struggled with extra pounds before and I was always the energizer bunny. I have had Lupus for about 16 years so I ate pretty well, have a personal trainer twice a week and try to take good care of myself. But still, little by little, a few pounds started sticking around, and then came COVID – an extra 15-20 pounds were stuck and although I felt I was doing most things okay, it wasn’t making a difference.

I learned about Beyond Slim through a friend. She has been sharing a lot on social media and she is a very thorough person who spends a lot of time looking at ingredients much like I do, and making healthy choices. I do a lot of research and so does she, so I trusted what she was sharing. I tried ZipSlim and ZipBOOM and have been on the product for about 20 days now. I could tell I have more energy now and I know I am putting some really good nutrients into my body. My husband says I am ”back to my old self’.” I have lost a few pounds even going through the holidays, and I am excited about this reboot!

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