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My name is Gloria, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I have always been a healthy eater but could not find the time to move like I needed to for the best results of my eating habits.

I tried the heart healthy diet, I tried the Mediterranean diet and tried to cut out the chips and to follow everything that I was taught  , unfortunately I just could not lose any weight, inches and my energy level just continued as it had been. Until I happened to be on Facebook one day and saw a post from an old colleague about a Blackberry Lemonade flavored drink…

I then contacted Kathleen and asked about this product that she was talking about. She explained what it was designed to do, we talked about my health issues, and she offered to send me a few samples.

One day I opened my mailbox and there was a card in there about the products with a sample of each, one with caffeine and one without. A day later, I got a sample of the no-caffeine one from Kathleen. I read the information that she had shared with me online and then I tried the product. I immediately noticed a spring in my step.

Not only is ZipSlim® easy to use, but taste great, too. On July 30,2021 I started my “Get back to me” journey with ZipSlim® and the 9 Reboot Rituals.

I have noticed that I am no longer as winded when claiming the stairs, I am moving more every day and that my clothing feels a little loser then they were. I lost a total of 14 pounds by the end of this reboot only because I was doing 1 drink per day. I look smoother in my clothes, people have come up to me to say you look like you have lost some weight and I am happy to tell them why. I have shared this product with my family and friends because if I feel this good with only drinking one a day image how my results will differ in my next run with ZipSlim® and the reboot rituals as I incorporate this into my daily living with the 2 drinks a day to watch my pounds melt away.

Thank you ZipSlim® you have given me my motivation back, you have made me healthier and I have lost wight with you and will continue to progress because once you find the right fit for you better health and weight lost is possible. Thank you to Coach Kathleen and our team because this is not the easiest journey to take alone.

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Before to Beyond Stories