How zipslim has changed my health

My name is Andrea, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Andrea, and this is my Before to Beyond story.

I really was at a dead end. I used to be a healthy person, an active mom of 3 who enjoyed exercise, until… I got sick and got a Lupus diagnosis. I wasn’t myself. I felt like, if I couldn’t beat them, join them. I got into bad habits and excuses, and I felt the effects. I put on 11 pounds… was shaming myself and couldn’t get out of my own way. My body hurt, my sleep was nonexistent, and my head was stuck in a loop. I had tried so many things but none worked.

An FB friend who knew the shakes, coffees, workouts…all the things I tried, posted a packet I had never seen. I asked her what it was. When I saw the ingredients, and with my background, I knew what these ingredients stood for, I said .. does it really help curb cravings? Yes, she said. I decided I wanted in.

After two weeks of drinking twice a day, not only was my sleep better than it had ever been, I was down 5…7…9 pounds! My joint pain, which was at a 7 prior, went down to a 2. And it tastes so good! My digestion is spot on, and best of all, no cravings…I can’t explain it better, I feel so content all day long. I don’t reach for snacks, I can say no to wine with dinner, I feel so great.

I know what being at the bottom and feeling defeated feels like. Zipslim was and is the hand that came toward me, lifted me up, and continues to support my health and provide what my body and mind need. I love it.

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