I traded my Shredded Nerves for Shredded Curves!

My name is , and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

In September 2020, I was truly in the worst shape of my life; HUGELY overwhelmed with stress “fluff” and exhausted beyond description after nursing both my son and his girlfriend back from the brink of death following an accident around the clock for several months. I was desperate for something to bring ME back to life.

Late one evening I saw a Facebook post that eventually led me to MY MIRACLE: ZipSlim®! It was scary to risk getting my hopes up, and I had no reason to believe this product would actually work for me, but it was appealing because it wasn’t complicated or super strict – just adding some blackberry lemonade twice a day and eating FRESH real yummy food – nothing from a box! That, I decided, was something I could commit to; and the price was less than half of several other options I had researched.

The first massive improvement I noticed was deep, blissful, restorative REST which my body needed more than anything…

Next, I noticed my appetite was cut in half and I felt full and happy with WAY less food!

After just a few days, the energy kicked in and I started adding some of our 9 Reboot Rituals. I started walking 30 minutes each day, which was challenging with all that extra weight, but I soon noticed my clothes getting looser and my legs feeling stronger. Now I’m hiking several times per month on trails that I would never have even ATTEMPTED before – enjoying epic waterfalls and beautiful vistas that were never before accessible to me as a “fat girl”.

I’ve now completed two Reboot 66 cycles and have started my 3rd cycle. So far, I’ve released 50 pounds of FLUFFY STRESS FAT in my first 6 months and am wearing clothes literally HALF my original size!

The most FUN part of my journey has been sharing this epic sculpting tool and proven Reboot RECIPES with good friends and family and seeing their lives improve WITH ME!

The most VIP result has been hearing from my sons that they are SO PROUD of what I’m doing to become Fitter, Healthier, & Happier!

If you have been searching for something with REAL SCIENCE behind it that is FUN and SIMPLE and DELICIOUS… welcome aboard The ZipSlim® Express, where we drink, shrink, and share our link with lots of GRATITUDE and JOY!

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Before to Beyond Stories