I was Premenopausal and I got up to 148 Pounds

My name is crystal, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Hi, my name is Crystal , and this is my Before to Beyond story. I was tired of struggling, of going through menopause, and sometimes tired of seeing the weight gain. I tried two different company products before this and they did not help. Finally, I said I was going to give this a try, what the heck, it cannot hurt anything. To my surprise, boy it worked. It tastes amazing and it got me down to 15 pounds and lost so many inches. I feel amazing. I have my fourth grandbaby on the way, and cannot wait to just play with him or her. I’d like to keep up with my other grandbabies, and just enjoy life with them. Before ZipSlim, I was having a lot of sugar cravings, was late night- snacking, and experienced night sweats without being able to sleep. The pounds slowly kept packing on but now I eat in moderation and practice portion control. The pounds have come off and I feel so much better.

I learned about ZipSlim from an amazing leader I found on Facebook. My health has improved so much because I can sleep better at night so I’m more focused during the day. I have so much energy, and I’m making healthier choices with food. I have been exercising 30 minutes plus a day, and now I’m full of energy and full of life. I just can’t say it enough. This changed my life and helped with the pre-menopausal symptoms.

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