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My name is Linda, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

During my first Reboot 66 journey, I released 25.5 pounds in nine weeks. I’ve consistently followed the daily rituals and have now released an additional 12.5 pounds. I’m so proud of myself for reaching my goal weight (weighing less than my driver’s license) and now maintaining it. 

I am so glad I joined the past three reboot contests. Losing weight, feeling better, and looking better—all while drinking ZipSlim—has been life changing. Loving life and living it to the fullest brings me so much joy and happiness. I can’t help but encourage others to join me in getting Fitter, Healthier, and Happier. 

ZipSlim is so much more than a delicious blackberry lemonade that arrives in the mail. Beyond Slim also sets you up to win with the 9 Reboot Rituals. This company cares about our lifestyle as well as our health and wellness. I drink ZipSlim at least twice a day before my two largest meals. I’m getting out of it what I put into it—the best possible results. I’ve loved the taste from my very first sip.  

Like many, I’ve been betrayed, anxious, and have experienced losses and fears of all kinds. Before ZipSlim, I would react to negative situations with anger, tears, sleepless nights, withdrawal, and carb abuse. Now, when I encounter these monsters, I’m grounded, calm, and focused on what I can control—my reactions. I never expected my emotions and ability to handle stress to improve the way it has. Thank you, Beyond Slim. 

My favorite reboot ritual is giving gratitude. Before I go to sleep and again before I get out of bed, I mentally acknowledge what I’m grateful for. I write them in my daily gratitude journal which fills my heart with joy as I start my day. I’m thankful for Sarah Cranston’s transformation and that she cared enough about me to share the Beyond Slim link as well as support and encourage me along the way. Thank you, Sarah. 

Checking in with my buddy at least once a day is an important part of my routine. My buddy and I are very honest with each other and have a higher level of accountability than ever before. We share our daily weight as well as info from a carb tracker which includes a daily food journal. This level of accountability, commitment and support has significant benefits. Thank you, Laura. 

Drinking ZipSlim, I am Fitter, Healthier, and Happier than ever before on my health and wellness journey. Thank you, Beyond Slim for helping me fully express my joy.

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