Look Back and Smile!

My name is Melissa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Many of you may have seen my stories in the past as this is my 5th Reboot 66. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to submit a story this time. I didn’t feel that I gave it 100% because I did not lose a crazy amount of weight. Then I realized, I just didn’t have a bunch of weight to release anymore! I did gradually lose more pounds and inches this Reboot because I was staying on track! I have lost 48 pounds and have managed to maintain that weight loss by following the Reboot Rituals and giving grace when I did not!  

My pictures with my girls may just be pictures to anyone else, but to me, so many thoughts and emotions go through my head when I look at them. They were taken about a year apart—both on vacation—one before ZipSlim and one with ZipSlim. I’m sure you can guess which one! On the left, I was miserable. I felt that I always had to do my hair and makeup just perfectly because I was not happy. I was disgusted with the weight on my body and face—redoing the picture 10 times just to get the right angle or shot. It became about me and not the “family” picture.  

On the right, I smiled and took it once! I stood in the middle and not behind my girls! I purchased the three matching dresses during the previous trip (photo on left), but I could not fit into mine! I made a promise to myself that I would fit into the dress the next time we went to Florida. When I saw the picture, I was so happy and proud of MYSELF! I did it, and my girls were always there cheering me on, wanting the best for me and pushing me. Obviously, everyday wasn’t easy, but you get through it. Whatever your goal is, keep going. I promise you will have results with consistency, and one day, you will look back at your photos and realize how far you came!!!

This journey is not just for the weight loss, but for how you feel! You need to be happy with YOU! It took way too long to see that in myself, and I feel we are our biggest critic. You need to value yourself and everything else will fall into place. I remember the way I felt—always wanting to lose the weight and mentally judging others that were skinny and how I wanted to be. God gave you what you have for a reason. Use it and learn from it. It will take work and struggles. You might not be able to do or eat everything you used to, but with an open mind, you will learn to appreciate what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. When you are eating those salads or veggies, don’t get upset that you are on a “diet.” Instead, appreciate what you are doing for YOUR body and how consistency will help your health and fuel you to continue! 

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