“A Desperate Career Mom in Need of a Desperate Change”

My name is Lisa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Hi, I’m Lisa Dinkel and this is my Before to Beyond Story.

All of my life, even as a child, the struggle with weight was always very real and embarrassing for me. I did not like being overweight and it definitely wasn’t healthy. Even though I would exercise, eat less, and go on a fad diet or other weight loss programs. I would lose, then put it back on. Especially after having two children it became harder and harder to lose as I began to grow older.
Now in my late 50’s as a teacher, wife, and mom it became apparent I really needed to make a change in my life to make sure I would be able to enjoy my family, to participate in my daily work, and to even think about moving to exercise without extreme pain in my joints.
On April 7, 2021, I finally decided to change my life for the best of my health, my job, and my family. Little did I know this simple drink, ZipSlim, was going to do exactly that for me. It’s been a complete transformation from healing my body from toxins, changing unhealthy choices of eating, sugar cravings are gone, with normal sleep patterns, and mood swings of happiness along with lots of energy! And with all that being said, I released 61 pounds of a” ballooned” me full of despair and unhappiness. For years, I have tried and tried to lose, I would lose the same 22-30 pounds and put it back on plus extra fluff, definitely not with the ability of keeping it off!
The desire to change my health began many months before, but I didn’t realize the golden blackberry lemonade would actually help me to accomplish a beautiful form of finding myself and become a transformed happier me.
Now I no longer dread trying on new clothes because I enjoy seeing myself in the mirror and dressing up when we have family pictures.
Now I am happy to go to sleep and wake up each morning, my heart full of gratitude to move with the excitement of wondering just what the day may bring because the stress of pain within my joints that no longer exists because I drink this natural product, ZipSlim, two times a day. I look forward to moving and exercising each day!
So many times I must pinch myself on the side to see if I really am the same me because I feel so wonderful! Sometimes, my daughter, will say, “Mom, you are so skinny now!”
The daily Reboot Rituals are easy to accomplish each day as I journal my exciting daily progress keeps me giving gratitude for the gifts from heaven above and the gift of being able to change at the age of 58 years young! I love being made aware that of “consistency is the key” and enjoy each of the rituals on a day-by-day journey!
When I first began ZipSlim my goal was to lose 15 pounds and to feel physically pain free, well I have quadrupled that goal and feel super amazing each day! So forever grateful for the change from the inside to the outside!
It has been exciting to go back to my medical visits and receive a response of, “what have you been doing? Whatever it is, keep it up!” Before I always dreaded hearing my doctor say, you need to watch your sugars, you are prediabetic. Then came the horrific day when the words were said, “you are now diabetic and need to take a medication”. Thank you, ZipSlim, for your natural ingredients to turn my life around, so forever grateful!
My weight is now down 61 pounds with me having to buy new clothes that now fit a size of 14/16 medium/large, before a tight 2x/22-24 size.
Now it isn’t HARD for me to SHARE what has happened for me to become a healthier, happier, and fitter me in 2022. I love the golden blackberry lemonade and look forward to drinking and shrinking each day! My DESIRE is to continue to inspire and encourage others so that they, too, will become a transformed into a new person is more than exciting for me! I have to THANK GOD for answering my long awaiting prayer to take care of my health the way you intended it be, you, God, have been with me throughout this whole journey! Thank you, Sarah Cranston, for introducing me to ZipSlim, and being so inspirational with encouragement throughout my journey!

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