Losing Those Pumpkins

My name is Honey-Jo, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

It all began in October 2020 with an interesting question and invitation from my friend Kathleen Ernette. She said, “If a pumpkin weighs 10 pounds, how many would you like to lose?” That’s when I learned about the Beyond Slim Reboot Program. 

I was ready to try something to feel better about myself. By saying yes to the 9 simple Reboot Rituals, I’ve lost 3 and a half pumpkins! I’ve kept them off and feel the fittest I have since my early 20’s. The beauty of this program is its simplicity. And, I’ve got a whole new group of friends that cheer on my success and encourage me when I’ve plateaued.  

I’ve not only lost weight, but I also sleep better now. I have more energy and a more positive attitude. Beyond Slim is the gift that keeps on giving! To anyone who needs some happy news and encouragement, I’d say, “What are you waiting for?” 

Be a fitter healthier happier you in ‘22! Join the Beyond Slim family!

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Before to Beyond Stories