My Beyond Story Has Just Started!

My name is Tracy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Tracy and this is my Before to Beyond story. I tried other weight loss products before I found ZipSlim. Though it worked for a while, I would gain all the weight back and not feel good. It was supposed to help my blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and more, but it didn’t. My doctor had to put me on medication and a diet shot and talked about some pretty scary things with me. So I went on the prescribed medication and lost 6 pounds in three months. Even that wasn’t working the way I wanted. I was getting scared because, at 54, I still had lots of life left in me. So I started by quitting smoking. It was kind of easy as my doctor scared me so I just quit! Then my upline found Beyond Slim.

I started ZipSlim on July 21, 2023. Within the first week, I lost the bloating and wow, did I have amazing all-day energy! By week two I was down 12 pounds! Like, what? I started enjoying walking, sleeping, and eating better. I started fasting and let me tell you how well I’m doing with that! I finally found something that was actually helping my body. I definitely flipped the switch with amazing results! 

I went to my doctor and she was incredibly impressed with my results. I started my journey with ZipSlim at 256 pounds and am happy to say I’m now down to 234. I was a size 16/18 and now my size 14s are getting too big for me. I feel incredibly awesome! No more staying up all night and eating junk. I can do more things, no more swelling in my ankles. I can wear my boots again. I can even cross my legs and it doesn’t hurt. 

My friends and family are noticing not just a change in my body but a change in me. I went out last weekend and one of my friends called me sexy. I HADN’T heard that in a long time, and yes, I cried happy tears. I went to do some retail therapy and the lady I always see there working literally made me cry. She told her co-worker about me, saying this girl has been coming here for years and she was wearing size 22/24 and hated shopping, but look at her now! Girl, let’s get you a dressing room and I want to see every outfit! The entire store rooted for me and I felt like I was in a movie. So being noticed positively now, when before I was only ever stared or pointed at for wearing leggings and being big…it’s a huge deal.

What would I say to anyone like me or with anything going on…. Just trust the person you’re talking to. I tell my customers this, I’ve never felt better in my entire life or in a very long time. My mental health is great, I sleep, I want to move and oh, did I mention that I feel amazing! I’ve finally found a company that has created the most amazing drink and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll be by your side throughout the entire journey and celebrate every little thing. Jump with me, take that leap and I’m betting you won’t regret your decision. As every person is different, I read each situation uniquely. I get to know them; I find their needs and when I say I support them, that’s exactly what I do. My Beyond story is still ongoing and I’m forever grateful I was introduced to this amazing company. I’m not done yet, so keep watching me!

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