Never give up.

My name is Joseph, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

On my 51st birthday in September I decided to get back on the fitness wagon, get better, and get healthier. I got a personal trainer and worked out a couple times a week with her, but, after 6 months of diet and exercise, the needle only moved 5 pounds on the scale!

Since I work nights, I don’t sleep very well. I came to the conclusion that no matter what I did for diet and exercise, if I didn’t get the sleep cycle down and get more than two to four hours of sleep a night, I was never going to lose the weight.

A friend of mine reached out to me and asked if I was ready to try something that works for others. I thought, “Why not me?”

After 3 1/2 months of drinking ZipSlim®, the needle on the scale has moved 22 pounds. However, the big surprise was how my body is reshaping itself. I went from size XXL shirts in my closet to size Large. Plus, I am fitting into pants and shorts that I have not been able to wear in a couple years.

And after 25 years of wearing a CPAP mask to sleep I am finally going to be able to sleep without a mask. I only need to lose 23 more pounds to reach the weight requirement to get the inspire sleep therapy device inserted much like a pacemaker. This device stimulates the throat muscles that keep the throat open while sleeping. No more struggling to survive every night I go to sleep.

Thank God for my friend Joy who introduced me to ZipSlim®. I now know I am going to reach that goal!

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Before to Beyond Stories