Reclaiming My Health

My name is Rachel, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Rachel Martinez and this is my “Before to Beyond” story.

Before ZipSlim, I was overweight and depressed, my health had gotten so far out of control. I wouldn’t go out or take selfies. I never went to school functions or got down to play with my kids. I just wanted to hide from the world. I was on a downward spin and saw no way up. I had completely given up.

Since starting ZipSlim, I have not only lost 60 pounds but I run around with my kids all day, taking selfies and silly pictures with them. My health is the best it’s been in many, many years. I find myself excited and happy to wake up every morning. I never thought I’d find something that I could take that would actually work but here I am, living proof that Beyond Slim is different than anything out there.

Never give up on yourself. Here at Beyond Slim I have found my happier, fitter, healthier life and I love it all!

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Before to Beyond Stories