Saw My Friend’s Good Results; Wanted More Energy and Feel Less Hungry All the Time.

My name is Anna, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Anna Hartman and this is my Before to Beyond Story! I’ve always had issues with my weight fluctuating back and forth. It got worse in my freshmen year of college, supposedly “freshman 15” but mine wasn’t just 15, it was about 50. I looked at myself in the mirror and wanted a change, so I cut all soda and junk food, started exercising, and tracking my calories. During my freshman and sophomore years of college, I worked on myself and lost over 100 pounds. I transferred to a different college for the last few years and maintained my weight loss. Once I graduated I got a job and life happened. I lost track of myself and gained most of the weight back. I’m ready for another chance to change myself again.

I first learned about ZipSlim from a friend and how much she loves it; the flavor, and the energy she gets from it. I gave it a try and loved the flavor and the energy it gave me. I’m less hungry before meals and even eat less during meals. I haven’t lost many pounds, but I did lose some inches. If anyone wants to try it, I would tell them to go for it and see where it takes you!

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Before to Beyond Stories