The Struggle Isn’t Real with Beyond Slim

My name is Becky & John, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Cruddy, sludgy, exhausted… an overall HOT MESS! The scale was creeping toward almost double what Becky weighed from our wedding day and John was a major caffeine addict (9-12 cups a day) just to keep moving. If he stopped moving, he was zoned out and usually asleep in just minutes.

Pain was a constant in our lives along with the cookies, carbs, bags of chips, and soda daily. John would lose weight and gain it back annually. It was a constant up and down. When people say the struggle is real… it was!

One day, Becky’s friend posted on Facebook about how great she felt and posted a pic of her Before to Beyond Story with Beyond Slim®. After confirming that it did not taste like dried doo doo, and that it was not going to be restrictive and hard, we agreed to watch a video about rebooting our metabolism. We were training to walk in a walk-a-thon and needed something for energy, weight release, and wanted to get rid of our menopausal bellies. We agreed that we would try it… afterall, what did we have to lose, it had a guarantee that went along with it.

We started doing the 9 Reboot Rituals to start “practicing” before we got our ZipSlim®.

The first taste was as if the heavens opened up and angels began singing hallelujahs! It did NOT taste like dried doo doo… it was DELISH! We love all berries and lemonade… so the Blackberry Lemonade flavor was awesome! (This is now our favorite drink because of the flavor… even over sodas!)

With ZipSlim® and the Beyond Slim® Metabolic Reboot® Program, the struggle ISN’T real! It’s really simple and it works!

We know there won’t be an “after” Beyond Slim® for us… so this is our progress report so far:

John is down 31.6 pounds

Becky is down 16 pounds – 2 top sizes and 1 pant size in just 6 weeks

We are both feeling toned and reshaping. We are loving life and feeling so amazingly good! (We also celebrated my birthday with cake and cheesecake a couple of weeks ago but still released weight LOL)

We are still in process… but celebrating progress over perfection. We can’t wait to continue this journey to being fitter, healthier and happier together!

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