Thriving Life With My Parents Forever!

My name is Israel ‘Izzy’, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I started my journey back in November 2020. It was my mission to keep my parents as healthy as I could. It started with them, really, because I wanted my parents to live as long as possible. My Dad would just sit all day watch TV then sleep most of the day, and Mom was not as energetic as before.

For me, I had to do something to change my habit of drinking 5 cups of coffee and energy drinks a day – just to keep my energy level. So, I had to try it myself first to see what effect it had on me.

I lost 10 pounds in 10 days with energy like I was in my 20’s again. So, it was then that I introduced it to my parents and you can see the energy level, happiness, and they’re not fighting anymore! For real!

From November to December, I had lost about 17 pounds, but following that I had a setback for almost 2 months with back spasms in January and February. Luckily, I had ZipSlim® and it kept me from gaining weight because my appetite was controlled despite not getting any or little exercise.

I gradually gained my confidence in my back. So, I started walking, jogging and doing minimal exercises at home because I had the energy to get back in shape. I don’t want to be the person I was back from October because I felt like I was dying inside with lacking energy and focus.

If I could inspire anyone reading my story, you can see the happiness and energy that I can see from my parents is a huge win already. I found myself feeling more complete because I have more energy and focus because of this Golden Juice.

I say it took me 20 years to gain my ugly weight and lack of focus/energy, so why don’t you take a chance of taking this ZipSlim® for 90 days and see for yourself how it can make you or your loved ones the better version of oneself…

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Before to Beyond Stories