“Time to Grow Up”

My name is Robert, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Robert Appel. Before Beyond Slim, I was 257 pounds back in March 2023. I was much slower and sluggish, and took naps every time I hit the couch. I had less energy. I was comfortable with what I was eating and didn’t make any effort for years. I was just lazy and knew it would take work. My health wasn’t good at that point, and I was one step away from pre-diabetes. I had high cholesterol and was considered obese by my doctor. I wasn’t sleeping that great, was restless actually. I got sweats when I didn’t eat for long periods of time and stomach pains. It affected my family life because my wife and kids were worried about my health. I was always in shape, but over the years, I just put weight on, and didn’t focus on my overall well-being. Before ZipSlim, I was playing baseball at 57 years old and was a catcher. Although I thought I did okay catching, I wasn’t hitting as well as I was in my 20s and 30s and was also not running as fast at all.

Since I started ZipSlim, I have slept much better and gotten calmer. I have more energy for sure. I don’t get any sweats at all, and no stomach pains too. I can go for longer periods without eating. My appetite is curbed and I make better choices. I am eating less, and have way more energy. I go to the gym now 5-6 days a week and have changed my lifestyle and eating habits. I am now 209 pounds and still going strong. Never felt better in a very long time, maybe 25 years. After Zipslim, I am catching much better, hitting the ball like I did way back in my early days, and running so fast. The guys on the team want to know what I am doing, as they are so inspired. I lost a total of 49 pounds and feel great!!! Still enjoying ZipSlim and my new lifestyle.

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