You asked: Why is there Sugar in ZipSlim®?

You asked: Why is there Sugar in ZipSlim®?

Sometimes we get asked why we decided to add 3g of sugar to ZipSlim, and love that question because it allows us to share some really cool info about how we created our formula.

First of all, we like to remind people that 3g is a very low concentration of sugar; it’s similar to the amount you would find in a serving of cucumber or string beans. We also put an emphasis on the source of the sugar, which is why we chose a very healthy form of organic cane sugar.

This small amount of sugar actually helps the nutrients found in ZipSlim more effectively get into your cells, especially when you’re having it on an empty stomach. It also helps your body and your cells stay hydrated – with both hydration and the metabolism boosting benefit of ZipSlim’s key ingredients, the result is a clear advantage in your ability to lose weight.

And last but certainly not least, this small amount of sugar enhances the flavor, which enhances your enjoyment of ZipSlim. And when you enjoy something like ZipSlim, it’s easier to make it a part of your day, which helps you achieve your health goals!

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How can you trust that ZipSlim® will work for you?

Three words: Published Clinical Studies.

When we formulated ZipSlim® we accepted nothing less than these gold-standard studies. And when it comes to your own weight loss, neither should you.

That’s why we’re excited to share our data with you.

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