Take the January Plunge!

Take the January Plunge!

PLUNGE INTO 2024 with Beyond Slim!

Did you know?

According to Harper’s BAZAAR, by decreasing your core body temperature, a cold plunge can build mental resilience and discipline. Shape.com claims it may improve energy, mood, and memory. Women’s Health says a cold plunge can even make workouts feel easier. New Year’s resolutions, here we come!

We’ve put together an exciting January Plunge Challenge to help get you on track to meeting your goals in 2024. Are you ready to take the plunge and unlock a world of adventure, resilience, and rewards?

Do the Cold Plunge Challenge today, and let the icy waters propel you into a renewed version of yourself. Don’t miss your chance to participate and win big!

Welcome to the Cold Plunge Challenge!

Grab a friend (or 3) and plunge now for a chance to win impressive prizes while enhancing your wellness journey. Here are the rules to take part:

What you can win:

Grand prize 

Win a customized wellness package:

  • 1 hour private one-on-one wellness consultation with Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D. to create a customized meal plan
  • 1 hour private session with celebrity fitness coach Franz Snideman to create a personalized, curated workout plan to help you hit your goals in 2024
  • 1 month supply of FREE ZipSLIM!
  • a Fitbit Luxe to help you fulfill Reboot Ritual #5 and track your results daily!

Secondary prizes

  • 1 Fitbit Luxe to 2 winners!

How you can win:

CEO Ray Faltinsky kicks-off the plunge challenge!
1. Record and share the cold plunge

Start by taking a video or picture of yourself taking a cold plunge and sharing it on your social media profile. Be sure to include the challenge hashtag #plungeintojanuary and tag the person who nominated you to be eligible for the prizes. Show us your bravery and commitment to pushing your limits!

After completing the challenge, nominate three other individuals to participate in the Cold Plunge Challenge. Encourage them to share their chilling experience, break their comfort zones, and stand a chance to win prizes too. Let’s build a community of fearless cold plungers together!

To make sure that your entry is visible to the company, follow and tag the official Beyond Slim social media accounts. By connecting with us, you’ll stay updated on the challenge, get exclusive content, and witness the inspiring journeys of other participants.


Spread the word: A higher number of participants means a higher chance of winning, so spread the challenge far and wide among your friends, family, and followers. Share the challenge, encourage them to participate, and let’s create a wave of invigorating cold plunges worldwide. Together, we can inspire others to embrace the cold!

Safety first: While the Cold Plunge Challenge is exhilarating, we prioritize safety above all else. Before attempting a cold plunge, we strongly recommend participants consult with their healthcare providers, especially if they have underlying health conditions. Adhere to proper cold plunging techniques, monitor your body’s response, and avoid prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Enjoy the challenge responsibly!

Have fun and be creative: Express your uniqueness and creativity as you embark on the Cold Plunge Challenge. Whether you find breathtaking cold plunge locations, wear themed costumes, or add entertaining elements to your plunge, let your creativity shine. Engage your audience, captivate their attention, and increase your chances of going viral!

Prize selection process: Exciting prizes are up for grabs! Beyond Slim will randomly select prize winners from eligible participants who completed the challenge and followed all the rules. Remember, the more you engage with the challenge, the greater your chances of winning. Get ready to celebrate your accomplishments with incredible rewards!

Prize announcement: All prize winners will be announced on our social media platforms at the end of the challenge. We’ll share in the excitement of your achievements and privately communicate with winners to coordinate prize collection and any additional details. Stay tuned for the announcement and inspire others with your triumph!

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