A Better You

My name is Sandra, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

This is my third Reboot 66. Before I started, I was within 10 pounds of my ideal weight. I was having second thoughts of joining this one, but I decided to join because I love my team (Mission Slimpossible) and needed the moral support that they provide.

My coach contacted me about rejoining the team, and I agreed. Even though I did not lose the 10 pounds, my overall health is great. I had two doctor visits during this challenge, and both doctors were very surprised by the 33 pounds that I had already lost and the results of the lab work.  

I am still experiencing great sleep, mood, and energy. I have family and friends that are still encouraging me to lose more weight to become healthier. Best of all, my Reboot group supports me by sharing their ups and downs.  

This is a life-changing program, and sometimes you will need to go BEYOND yourself to get results that you want.

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Before to Beyond Stories