A Lemony Lifeline Saved Me

My name is Leighla, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Since 2020; I had been a shell of my former self. My self-confidence, my hopes, and my nerves were shot. I lost nine family members including both of my parents during this time span, and my world was flipped. I gained a significant amount of weight, and the majority was in my belly. I’m fact; I looked pregnant from the side. Panic attacks plagued me nearly daily, and I saw no end in site. I tried “dieting”, but the needle in the scale wouldn’t move, and I would spiral more into discouragement.

Fast forward to my friend asking me if I had heard of this “unicorn drink”. I read the ingredients and prayed that this could help me. I can honestly say that this lemony liquid has started a beautiful transformation in my mind and body. Within days; my appetite was completely under control, and I was not eating my feelings. The other notable result was that I felt calmer after drinking it. This is significant because my chest usually felt like there was a motor inside often leading me to panic where I couldn’t breathe and would literally stick my head out of a window to get more air. I haven’t had one in four weeks now! It’s the most beautiful thing!

Over the past several weeks; my body has begun shedding weight and inches galore. I’ve lost 3 pant sizes and two shirt sizes. I’m ecstatic!! There is something so special about how zip interacts with our bodies. I feel like I’m beginning to emerge again-not hiding behind a pillow so people can’t see an overblown belly. I’m free, and I will never go without this drink in my life!

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Before to Beyond Stories