Adding YEARS to my LIFE & LIFE to my YEARS!

My name is Jason, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My lifestyle was out of control. My days consisted of poor food choices, and let’s not forget my main go-to… Beer!

Over the last couple years I have had more health challenges than I care to admit. My health was spiraling. I kept telling myself, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do better,” but I always found an excuse to go right back to the old, unhealthy routine.

One morning I made the commitment to be healthier. I was 42 years old and 328 pounds. I woke up hung over and hungry, I limped to the bathroom (joint pain), and as I was staggering past the bathroom mirror I stopped and took a hard look at myself. I hated the person looking back at me. Everything that I was feeling emotionally and physically was in large part my doing. I absolutely adore my wife of 24 years, our 3 children, and ESPECIALLY my grandkids. My family is my motivation. It was time.

That day was October 30th, 2020. I started educating myself on healthy foods, I started eating healthier and I stopped drinking alcohol (149 days sober)!

So here I was… losing some weight, but my mood suffered! I always seemed to be on edge. My wife introduced me to Beyond Slim®. Jess had been using their ZipSlim® product and was doing really well. I started drinking my ZIP! What a game changer!

My mood has stabilized. My irritability has decreased dramatically. I just FEEL BETTER! My daily drinks are apart of me now.

I’ve lost 78 pounds and counting…

Last but not least, I’m a part of a group that knows what it’s like to struggle. I can fit in and I can relate. I look forward to posting more pics and testimonials as I continue this new lifestyle. My Reboot Group has been amazing. Thank you all for the continuous support. Reboot Rebels!

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Before to Beyond Stories