This is something anyone CAN do.

My name is Tracy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I was modeling at age 26 when my first child was 1 year old. I had gained 100 pounds with the pregnancy, which included preeclampsia and a month in the hospital on bed rest. A year later, I had lost the 100 pounds plus.

Two more at risk pregnancies in a 14 year span, the last one at age 38, and bed rest from 20 weeks on. My son was born 5 1/2 weeks early. Today he is 26 and you’d never know he was preemie. But in his whole life he has never seen his mother at a healthy weight.

9 years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and 3 years after that I had a stroke. I became a researcher after that, and began eliminating the unhealthy garbage in my diet, the unhealthy fats and sugars, even the waters with a low ph.

I tried so many different weight loss programs, some good, some not so good and I managed to lose 30 pounds. Then came Covid. I had to really watch everything I put in my mouth. The tough part is, I am a chef; I love to cook and create, and I love to eat my own cooking. I only gained a couple pounds during covid but they were the hardest to get off.

That’s when I heard about ZipSlim® from my friend Joy, and I was intrigued by “Flip the Switch” but skeptical. I ordered a bag of the Caffeine-Free and before those first 2 weeks were over, I had upped my subscription to add a bag of Charged, also.

I listened to a Q&A with Dr. Drucker and it helped me overcome my doubts, and I started seeing the pounds drop. I’ve been losing weight consistently ever since.

I am feeling successful and am so grateful to my friend Joy, the Beyond Slim® products, the company, and my Reboot Group.

This is something anyone CAN do!

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Before to Beyond Stories