Back to Candy-Reboot at 60

My name is Candace, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Though I’ve been using Zipslim *consistently* since August of ’21, I finally decided to share my story.

I was planning to wait until I reached my ultimate goal; however, God led me to share it now. It’s because my journey isn’t just about me–it’s also about others who my story can help.

First, let me thank Coach Becky Spieth for sharing her story. It’s how I learned about Zipslim. Zipslim is key player in my “Back to Candy” story. When I started taking Zipslim, I carried well over 200 pounds on my 5’2″ frame. I was sick and tired…of being sick and tired. I had Lyme Disease and was trying to juggle the demands of being my momma’s care giver and my teenaged son’s mom.

Weightloss was very slow at first. I was really discouraged, but gleaned some hope from hearing Dr. Drucker say something like–the body may have to focus on healing before weightloss occurs. I kept going.

Long before any major weightloss occurred, I experienced lots of energy; a sharper mind; increased strength; and a much greater sense of calm. I remember one day going out to “just see” if I could jog for five minutes without my legs and lungs giving out. Forty-three minutes later, I had jogged over 3 miles without stopping. I even took on a 1-min plank challenge. I had never done a plank. Challenge completed: 1 minute 6 secs.

I also know the calming effects of Zipslim helped me get through the loss of my mom and brother, 5 months apart.

Fast forward to the past 66 days. Franz Snideman joining the Beyond Slim team with his Mindset Mondays and Workout Wednesdays has been like adding a booster rocket to my goals. His counsel to be consistent (over trying to do too much) has kept me from going too hard and injuring myself. And most recently, his simple yet powerful tip for what to say to yourself when you don’t feel like moving: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!!” has helped me get up and get going on days I didn’t want to.

I can’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost because I hate the scale. I do track my progress with clothes. I’ve gone from wearing size 18/20 pants and 16/18 dresses to size 8 pants (I can fit some 6’s) and 6 dresses. I am truly fitter, healthier, and happier. Can you tell from the picture?

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