From sluggish to feeling alive!

My name is Marci, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I’m not going to tell you I’ve found IT, but I will tell you there is hope if you struggle with losing weight, feeling sluggish, brain fog, crappy or inconsistent moods….

I’ve tried ALOT, and my body hates me – I have PCOS, I’m insulin resistant, have hormonal imbalances, have an underactive thyroid. I’ve struggled with my weight and feeling good since I was a teen.

But here I am 2 months layer and I’m down 10 pounds. I’m not dieting, don’t deprive myself – but what I am is much more mindful of WHAT in eating.

My cravings have decreased considerably, the appetite suppression is no joke, my energy is great, my bloat is gone, my inflammation is almost nonexistent & I’m sleeping better💤

This isn’t a magic pill – because there isn’t one – but this has finally given me hope.

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Before to Beyond Stories