BEYOND Slim – My Life Changer

My name is Mitzi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Do you ever avoid mirrors? I did. Do you ever talk crap about yourself inside your own head? I did. Do you ever have dread in your stomach when it’s time to go buy clothing? I did.

If you look back, is it hard to count the 20+ diets and injections, and pills, and strange foods, you’ve subjected yourself to? Me too. Have you ever gone to bed at night, giving yourself a pep talk about how tomorrow will be different, tomorrow you will stick to the program, tomorrow you will have self-control – and yet tomorrow you made all the same mistakes again, and adding insult to injury you are disgusted by your actions? I did.

Is that you, too? That’s exactly what my torturous days were like – a stress-creating vicious cycle. Yep.

It’s been 5 months since someone loved me enough to offer me hope.

I can enjoy my reflection in the mirror. Yes, I can.

I can buy clothes that are 4 sizes smaller. Yes, I Do!

I get to rise each day alert, with confidence, joy, and enthusiasm, and every night I am proud of myself. That’s right, I AM!

Sleeping more deeply than EVER before, a solid 7-8 hours a night. Game-changer!

Extra smooth energy & strength & motivation. I get things done!

I have noticed a significant change in my mental clarity, skin tone, and overall sense of well-being! Loving Life!

3 months ago: I measured and was dancing with delight to see that I’d released 23 pounds and 18 inches, down 2 sizes in my shirts, and 1 size smaller jeans. Friends were complimentary, and I was starting to have happier self-talk.

1 month ago: Celebrating, the results showed I’ve forever released, 33 pounds and 28 inches.
It’s fun boxing up old clothes – because who needs them. Right?

Just 15 pounds to my goal weight. There are lots of times that the scales don’t budge – in fact, so far this year only 3 pounds melted, but the truth is, I’ve also dropped a pant size and a shirt size. So, trust me when I say, Take your Measurements. It took years to create the body I WAS trapped in, and so I am loving the journey to my new Fitter, Healthier and Happier self. This is so easy, and rewarding, that I am loving myself, my body, and my transformation. I AM worth the wait. And I’m so very happy.

My regimen used to be work hard in the morning, so I could snore hard on the couch in the afternoons. Now, my energy carries me throughout the day and my brain is firing and I feel like a success again. Life holds endless possibilities for me.

Life’s worries used to punch me in the gut. Now, I react with ease and grace, and smile throughout my day. Stress doesn’t have its hooks in me. Not anymore.

I used to hide behind others in photos, or behind chairs, or rocks, or peek out from behind a tree trunk. Now I’m living my life, loving my body, following the healthy and simple Reboot Rituals, and building success upon success.

No longer trapped by excess fluff, nor my torturous self-talk. I am in awe of the freedom I feel!

My Life Changer is a small packet I mix quickly in water twice a day that tastes like delicious blackberry lemonade. 3x more effective than diet alone. Just Zip off the top, drink the yummy drink and it helps you tackle your day, your weight, and so much more!

Remember the importance of BEYOND Slim! It’s is far and beyond weight loss. Is YOUR Fitter, Healthier, Happier self-hiding inside? Mine was. Let’s do this – Together!

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