Border Patrol Agent Goes for it…

My name is Joseph, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I have always been overweight since I was a kid. At 10 years old I knew I had a weight problem and have been working on this problem for over 40 years.

I have tried everything over the years from 500 calories per day, to fasting for several days at a time, moving from this diet plan to the next diet plan… They all have worked at first, but they all eventually taper off, and I yo-yo back up. It is not for lack of trying or will power.

I work for a law enforcement agency, so I need to be in shape. I must be prepared to track out a person for hours in the mountains, or defend myself and effect an arrest. I was not looking good after my divorce 7 years ago. I was eating and drinking whatever I wanted… You know, the “see food” diet: You eat what you see.

So I started looking for something to get me out of my rut.

Then a couple of years ago I tried something new, and I thought it was the bomb (photo in the blue shirt was before starting that product). My saving grace. I lost 50 pounds! I was not winded and could do my job properly. Then it stopped working for me… What happened? Did I reach the limit with the product? What was going on? I stopped using, it was a little depressed and I regained most of the 50 pounds.

I was desperate to not go back to where I had been. Then I spent thousands on the Orbera balloon and lost weight over the 6 months (by the way, Obera is a new gastric balloon weight-loss procedure). Then, again, the weight creeped back up.

The main problem I am combating is lack of sleep and Sleep Apnea. For the last 25 years it gets harder and harder to continually use the mask that I frequently take it off in my sleep. Making the CPAP machine valueless and losing a rested sleep that I need.

Around my 51st birthday in 2020, I had enough and started working with a personal trainer several days a week. Getting little sleep 3-5 hours per work night is common for me. I do not fare much better on my days off. I was getting stronger and eating better, but did not see the needle on the scale move. After 6 months of hard work, I lost at most 5 pounds. Then a workplace injury happened. I had to change the way I was working out to accommodate my injury. Doing more stretching then lifting weights.

Then, by chance, I saw a post by my friend Joy about ZipSlim. With a 90-day money back guarantee I said, “what do I have to lose, but the weight?”

I tried it for a month and started to see some results. My clothes started fitting better and I finally broke a that dreaded 5-pound plateau! To date I have lost 10 pounds in over 2 months. All while being injured, little sleep and not able to work out as I would love to. Most of my workouts now include walking every day and stretching to heal the injury. I know that lack of sleep is hindering my weight loss. However, I have been able to break through with my physical limitations and fit into smaller size. All thanks to ZipSlim!

ZipSlim is a delicious blackberry lemonade flavored drink that has many benefits. Simply drink 2 per day (Charged or Caffeine-Free) before your 2 largest meals. For me, the fact that it is backed by science and offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee made it very easy to say YES.

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Before to Beyond Stories