Desperate to Relieved

My name is Laura, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I just turned 60 and I weighed more than I ever have in my life, 260 pounds to be exact. I was recently laid off my job and feeling desperate to make changes, lasting changes. I was having trouble breathing and sleeping. I hated myself but could not seem to stop the train: all aboard to self-destruction! My joints hurt and I could not even walk or exercise without getting too winded to continue. I was drinking too much and crying out for help.

I remembered a product I took years ago, but that company was out of business. I did remember though, a gal that I met at that time who seemed to be a great coach and new her stuff in regards to health and wellness, Joy. I found her info on Facebook and gave her a call. I told her how bad things were. I could not sleep, could not stop eating my feelings. I was at the end of my rope really. I asked her “what’s new”. She shared with me the best and latest product that she had found to address all my concerns and then some. ZipSlim®! All she needed to say was money back guarantee and I was in!

I purchased my product and decided to be a Coach as I knew I wanted to get the product for free. Joy invited me to a Saturday morning call and the rest was history. I was introduced to great people like Sarah Cranston and Coach Raynes. I called my sister in law and one of my good friends who is trying to walk and asked them if they would like to try it with me. They were in. I then spoke with my landlord and she decided to give it a try. It was like a God send to have others to walk this journey with me. I was chomping at the bit to get my product. I had to wait a week but when it arrived I was ready.

I immediately noticed my attitude had changed. I was positive and hopeful, that was new. I was calling and checking in with my coach every day and calling my friends who joined with me. This made it more fun and helped with the uncertainty of whether I would let myself down again. I started tracking my 9 Reboot rituals even before I received my product. 5 steps were all I could manage. As I started the journey, every day I would try and add in more steps in order to reach 9 each day. Progress not perfection!

As of today I have been taking the product for 10 days and I am down 11 lbs!!!! I have lost 2″ all over after just one week and am now able to complete 8 or 9 steps everyday. I look forward to going out and walking 30 min a day. Some days are hard as my knee or foot may ache, but I keep going and just put ice on it when I am done. I am excited to be creating new habits that will be the cornerstone of my new life.

I just found out my daughter is pregnant and due in May. She was not supposed to be able to have babies. I am now going to move to Ohio at the end of October and I am taking my new product and my new success with me. Thank you all for supporting me and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads!

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