From Not Today to Why Not Today

My name is Sandra, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Less than a year ago, I was depressed, overweight and unhealthy. The weight impacted me the most physically, because of my knees. I was barely able to work all day without having pain that would keep me up at night. My son missed out on the mom that loved to play basketball, ride bikes and hike trails. My famous words to him for years was ” not today.”

I learned about ZipSlim® through my friend Kathleen. She convinced me that this drink was the real thing and that it worked. With a money back guarantee and a great tasting drink, who could say no. I started in mid – Oct 2020 and within three months, I lost 14 pounds. From January 2021 to now, I have lost additional 19 pounds for a total of 33 pounds in a year.

I have also experience better sleep, more energy and better mood. Family and friends, both have notice the weight loss and the energy that I have now. I have just recently completed a 100 mile bike ride for Breast Cancer and a 200 mile bike ride for Childhood Cancer. I wish anybody who is down and out with there weight would get them some ZipSlim® and experience the effects that it will have on their life.

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Before to Beyond Stories