Down in the dumps to over the Hump!

My name is Dena, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Dena and this is my edited to Beyond Story!! I am going to have to go back so you guys can understand it 17 I had my first son six weeks after one of the best days of my life. His father shook him. He shook his brain loose, broke his arm, fractured his skull he was bleeding inside and outside of his brain and behind both eyes, what I thought was the worst day of my life began to be the worst 19 years of my life. My son was a vegetable he was blind I took care of him. He was in a hospital bed until the day he died. He was 19 years old he passed away , which then letting me down to a dark, dark road of abusing drugs at 28 I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, which then turned into Graves’ disease a side effect of that is depression so on and off of me getting off of drugs, they would then put me on depression medicine, so I honestly didn’t know how I truly felt without any substance in my body/forward to my early 40s my thyroid, then Graves’ disease threw me into pre-menopause, which had my body going up and down my weight up and down my depression, my moods, and I seen a video on Facebook about BeyondSlim Then I did my homework guys. I watched every video I could read every health journey and I ordered. I’ve literally been on it less than three weeks. I’ve lost 15 pounds and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life and I am not exaggerating life has beating me up , I’ve took a lot of hits in four years I lost my son, my father, my sister and my brother and I could sit here and say that today with the help of BeyondSlim I genuinely feel so good.

What I love about zip slim is I take it first thing in the morning it gives me that jolt to start my morning. My mood and my thoughts are clear. I just wanna be a better version of myself. A more healthier version.

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Before to Beyond Stories