Feeling my best, leaving the rest!

My name is Amanda Jean, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I am 35 years young and single momma of one. I have spent my entire adult life wanting and craving to be better and feel better. Too many times I have made excuses or I have allowed my limiting beliefs to take over. When was enough, enough?

I was tired of making excuses, trying fad diets or searching for that quick fix. All led me down a path of disappointments and led to a whole lot of discouragement… and not to mention the weight came back tenfolds.

That’s when I found ZipSlim®! I was willing and ready to do the work, to be consistent and to get healthier! I strived and desired to become a happier me.

I have officially finished my Reboot 66 and I am down over 17 inches on my body. Say what?! I am loving our 9 Reboot Rituals and how they are helping me shape a healthier lifestyle!

To say I am happy with the outcome thus far doesn’t even do justice! My happy and my confidence is back, and to me that’s PRICELESS!

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Before to Beyond Stories