Over 50 and Fabulous

My name is Kim, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

It’s the CONFIDENCE & GLOW-UP for me!! ✨

I was exhausted. I had minimal nutrition. Zero energy. I was super overweight, fragile and out of shape, I was grumpy, I was stressed, I was in an extremely dark place. I ran off Dunkin coffee, Coca-Cola, and junk food. My sleep was terrible & my skin even worse. Confidence didn’t exist and self-care was not in my thought process. Every day my reflection made me cringe.

Then, I had a great friend that I totally trusted share ZipSlim® with me.

That was the l day I made the decision to change my nutrition routine and WOW! Everything changed. Like a light switch flipped on and kept on because not a single thing from what I was feeling in the words above is true anymore. If you want to see changes on the outside you must take care of the inside first; the outside results will follow. I found that out real fast with my 2 yummy Blackberry Lemonades each day, and my fun 9 Reboot Rituals to help keep me on track.

I’m so grateful for my Golden Juice, but knew nothing would change unless I changed my mindset and took action. So I made the decision and I am reaping so many benefits, like regained energy, major reduction of appetite and cravings, immune support and I have never slept so good.

6 months in and so overjoyed because I’m down 63 pounds…of the 68 previously gained I’m! Now I’m fitter, healthier, and happier at the young age of 59 and ready to enjoy life to its fullest!

Beyond Grateful!

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Before to Beyond Stories