Finding Joy in the Journey

My name is Lavonne, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I not only need to lose weight, I need to get healthier, and ZipSlim® is helping with that!

While I did not lose anything in my Reboot 66 – I did not gain like I was! I worked on the 9 Reboot Rituals and making them habits and while some still need some work, I can confidently say that I am healthier than when I started!

I feel slimmer, more toned, without a lot of exercise, and my fluid retention is better – so much that my shoes and rings are looser!

I could have done better on the eating T.H.I.N. and harder on the exercise, but I am making some baby steps of improvement. So – I am continuing on a new Reboot 66 incorporating the new habits I have as well as working on improving the things I have not yet conquered. You WILL see a thinner me in the next Reboot 66 and not just a healthier happier me, and I will find joy in the Beyond Slim® journey ahead of me!

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Before to Beyond Stories