Finding Me Again

My name is Jackie, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Jackie and this is my Before to Beyond Story… Before finding ZipSlim I was that mom who went to work each day and came home tired, spent the evening on the couch and then went to bed. I had changed my eating habits but the weight just kept going up. I had no energy to do anything or make other changes. I just repeated this vicious cycle day after day. I had low self esteem. I struggled everyday to feel confident and would change my outfit at least 10 times each morning because I was unhappy looking in the mirror.

Since finding ZipSlim I have been motivated and have the energy to do a whole lot more than sit on a couch each day. I have energy to play with my kids and be the active mom they need. I am dancing around my house and happy again. The scale has finally moved again! I am down 22 pounds and fitting into SIZE 5 jeans!!!

When I found ZipSlim and the 9 reboot rituals I was wearing 10’s and had to squeeze into them! I am happier and my self confidence is growing daily. I tried many things before this and never felt the way I do now!

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Before to Beyond Stories