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My name is Sonja, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My Name is Sonja, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…..I am a mom of 3 and have always struggled with weight management and mood swings, mostly because of the fluctuating states of my body through the process of trying to maintain a healthy balance. Daily routines always become a struggle because of my mood shifts.

Over the years I have done endless amounts of research in the search of something that is simple and works naturally with my body. Since my long-time friend/sister introduced me to what has helped her, I have seen tremendous results in my daily life.

I am down 15 pounds so far and counting!! My sleep is better, my moods are better, and my mobility has increased. If you have ever looked in the mirror and thought “I need to lose weight, where do I start?” …..I would definitely recommend the Reboot 66 Challenge to help hold you accountable and remind you to hold yourself accountable as well. I absolutely love the taste!!!

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