Finding my Happy Place

My name is Kali, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I have struggled with my weight ever since I stopped competitive gymnastics after college. Then I had a baby, and it was even worse. I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted like I used to and I was not motivated to work out. With those changes came some icky mental health struggles. Anxiety and depression became a pretty huge issue in my life. I finally decided that I needed to figure something out in order to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself for my sweet kiddo!

With Beyond Slim®, I have been able to feel confident and happy with myself! The Reboot Rituals have made me focus on what I am doing for myself and my health every day. I drink plenty of water, I am eating mostly T.H.I.N meals for every meal, and of course ZipSlim® is a great addition! I love the accountability and support of my Coach and other friends I have met. I’m in control of my mental well-being also, and that’s best feeling ever!

I am helping myself get better through diet and exercise and loving every minute of it! My before and after pictures may not show much change in my physical appearance, but the smile on my face says it all!

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Before to Beyond Stories