From Anxious and Stressed To Healthy & Blessed!

My name is Jeff & Barb, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

To be frank, Barb melted my heart right from the start… which was just over 30 years ago! We have built a huge family together with 9 kids, (6 are adopted) and 8 grands… fostering and loving many others along the way.

When Covid hit in 2020 and I wasn’t able to work in the Senior Market anymore, it was financially & emotionally devastating. We both soon started a rapid spiral STRAIGHT DOWN with our physical health as well. The future was looking so dim that we would both literally toss and turn for HOURS each night just trying to shut off the mental chatter and the anxiety about how we would survive and care for our family.

We both constantly struggled with aches and pains and ZERO energy… and to say our romance department was OUT OF BUSINESS is an understatement! Most days it felt like we were trying to run through a room full of thick Jello – just soooooo frustrating. I (Jeff) think I had more BAD MOOD swings than anyone else in our tribe, due to feeling hopeless to turn things around.

Back in January of 2021, we reconnected with an old friend we hadn’t seen for over 20 years. She reached out to share HER miracle with us and it soon became OUR miracle! It was pretty hard to imagine that something as simple as a yummy golden drink enjoyed twice daily could turn our entire world right side up, but that is precisely what happened!

Together we have now released a WHOPPING 83 POUNDS and created a full time income stream through helping our close friends and family feel as amazing as we do! We feel compelled to share from hearts overflowing with gratitude!

Jeff is 43 pounds lighter
Went from size 38 pants to size 32 pants
Went from a TIGHT 2X shirt to a Large

Barb is 40 pounds lighter
Went from size 20/22 jeans to size 15/16
Went from a TIGHT 3X to size XL tops

Our first goal was to just feel like normal healthy humans again, and POSSIBLY (in our wildest dreams) earn enough to take a beach trip for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

We have certainly accomplished ALL of the above and just got back from our Anniversary Trip to Myrtle Beach, where we had LOTS of energy for our second honeymoon… no more suffering in the Romance Department – in fact we acted like crazy teenagers all over again and had a blast celebrating our 30 years of marriage.

Not only have we gone from ZERO to HERO in the fitter, healthier, happier categories, we are now deeply enjoying working & playing TOGETHER and can easily picture meeting and surpassing every goal we set both physically and financially.

ZipSlim® has improved our lives from head to toe – increased our ability to love and serve others – and we are just getting started on the Zip Trip of a Lifetime! We are so thankful we said YES and have already booked a summer vacation in Florida with our entire family at the end of July. What’s great about that is being able to pay cash for the experience, have the energy to keep up with ALL the kids and grandkids, and most likely we will grow our team and expand our dream even bigger while we splash in the Ocean!

Thank you Ray – Thank you Dr. Drucker – and Thank you Sarah for caring enough to share with us…let’s spread this ZIP blessing to the whole world!

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Before to Beyond Stories