From Discouraged to Encouraged

My name is Ashton, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Ashton, and this is my Before to Beyond story.

Before beyond, I had accepted/settled with my overall wellness and life. I was stuck in my weight-loss journey, I was napping every day, and I was stuck in my personal growth as an Entrepreneur.

With Beyond….I’m thriving! My weight-loss plateau is a thing of the past! I’ve lost an entire pant size, and I have a jawline! Ten pounds and about 20 inches all over! I am no longer napping or even feeling the desire to! I am feeling happier and more confident! I am back on track with my goal for overall wellness! My metabolism has definitely changed! I know this based on my energy, digestion, and desire to commit to strength training!

I love that at Beyond, we experience FULL CIRCLE Wellness! I believe it’s beneficial to have the support we do here to create good habits in addition to consuming ZipSlim! This product is amplified by implementing our nine rituals, nutrition, and getting our body moving! This is all possible by being able to be plugged into our community!

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