“From ‘this can’t be me’ to … THIS IS ME!”

My name is Mindful Manny, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is MINDFUL MANNY Ortiz, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My starting point: I’m stuck in life, horizontal, ‘couch potato’, either staring at the TV or somehow escaping my reality. This was about 1 ½ years after being diagnosed with sleep apnea and chronic fatigue. I was feeling defeated, demoralized, and like the song says: “my ‘get up and go’ must’ve got up and gone”. My health had decompensated to the point that I was losing self-respect, hope and thinking/saying to myself, day after day: “this can’t be me” when I looked in the mirror. I disconnected from my God, hobbies, family activities, and… Me. My life was narrowed down to: sleep, work, ‘zone out’ [repeat].

My mindset: Beginning to accept that I’m going to be a “lifer” [ie: life sentence] with these diagnoses.

My rock-bottom: On a Sunday afternoon, I was searching the Internet: “how to apply for Social Security disability”…

…I slowly learned about Beyond Slim® through my friend’s Facebook posts. This friend also happens to be Beyond Slim® coach Joy Edgerton. Thank God for that day, I decided not to ignore her outreach messages. My trust in her was far greater than my skepticism about a new product. I agreed to receive a sample packet in the mail, and the phrase ‘FLIP THE SWITCH’ rapidly shifted my skepticism into curiosity. I typed ‘FLIP THE SWITCH’ and posted it in strategic places around my home and workplace. I gradually saw myself recovering and returning to those positive old habits like an “attitude of gratitude” [which I learned from Coach Joy], intermittent fasting, moving my body, improving my sleep habits, and doing my best at eating mostly T.H.I.N. foods.

What I love most about ZipSlim® is that I can alternate between with and without caffeine. Still, in general, my physical energy levels and mental focus have improved since I overcame my resistance and committed to drinking ZipSlim twice a day. That’s when my metabolism really rebooted. After 10 months of being ‘stuck’ at a plateau of 208 lbs, thanks to ZipSlim® and Reboot 66®, I am now at 200 pounds AND enjoying the process. But more significant than numbers on a scale, I am no longer that ‘couch potato’, I am less fatigued AND more dynamic than I have been in the last TWO years. I literally went from “this can’t be me”, to … “THIS IS ME!” If I came across anyone who was where I was “before”, I’d say: “life may have given you lemons”, but if you try THIS blackberry lemonade, I will show you how I ‘FLIPPED THE SWITCH’.

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