From Full of Doubt to Full of Faith

My name is Calvin, better known as “CoolCal”, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

After trying multiple weight loss products in the past (some good, some bad), my weight had reached its highest point at 275 pounds. I became stressed and disappointed with no motivation to do anything.  

After seeing my friend, Joy Edgerton’s results on Zipslim, I reached out to her for some samples, and the rest is history. Shortly after sampling, I decided to place an order and get started on the program.  

I immediately noticed better sleep, more energy, reduced appetite and less discomfort in my knees. Since December 2021, I’ve lost 15 pounds and several inches. I am steadily losing weight along with the 9 Reboot Rituals.  

I suggest ZipSlim to anyone who is looking for something that is easy to follow, simple, and effective. It really works! 

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Before to Beyond Stories