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From Sad and Depressed to Confident

My name is Jessica, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Hi, I’m Jessica, a registered nurse for 20+ years and a dialysis clinic manager. This is my “Before to Beyond” story.

On June 20, 2023, my father took his last breath.

Five days earlier, my family got into 2 vehicles leaving from the Boise Idaho area to travel to Southern Indiana. The trip was expected to bring my father back to Idaho at the hospice. A higher power and I’m sure my mother had different plans. I felt blessed to be with my father when he took his last breath. During the 5 days before he passed, I had to make HARD decisions on his behalf, as I had a power of attorney responsibility. I included my siblings as much as possible, but so much weight was on my shoulders. Weight is a funny word.

During this time of heartache, I looked around me and realized health was not a priority in my immediate family’s life, including my own. I took an oath that day that I would do everything in my power to take my wellness seriously, for my kids’ and future grandkids’ sake. I wanted to see them grow up.

I learned about ZipSlim from Stacy, a high school friend. In the last 7+ months, I lost weight, gained insight and a better understanding of why I kept on a yo-yo plan. Let me tell you friends, eating can be a deep factor in something emotional.

But now I have more energy, better focus, improved sleep, and decreased bloating and inflammation. The Reboot 66 rituals also helped keep me honest and focused. My friends are supportive, as are my family members. But it was my patients that noticed the changes in me the most. They commented on my bigger smile and confidence.

I want others to know that ZipSlim gives so much more than weight loss. I now feel better inside-out, all the way. It’s like I’m finally starting to “live” at age 45.

Therapy is amazing. Life is great. Love deep 💕

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