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From Memory to Reality!

My name is Lisa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Lisa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Five years ago my personality flipped 180. I had a physical trauma from falling 25 feet off a zip line. I spent 2 years recovering physically from that, only to have traumatic abuse-suppressed memories arise that I’d locked down in my brain for 24 years. I am working through those with many different trauma doctors, and currently going through Neurofeedback.

Once a memory…

I remember sitting in my wheelchair looking out at my chickens and beautiful garden feeling sadness because I couldn’t walk over there to gather the eggs and give treats to the chickens, or pick my produce that was ripe and delicious for fresh eating in my garden.

I remember sitting in my wheelchair and watching the babysitter play with my 2-year-old daughter in the pool. I couldn’t be the one to throw her in the air giggling, then chase her around the pool laughing. I couldn’t even kneel to play with her and her toys on the floor inside the house.

I remember watching my mom take my kids away for a week while I lay in my bed healing without hearing their laughter or cries for me to come and be with them.

I remember watching while laying in bed unable to move as the stress of homesteading and homemaking and working fell solely on my husband. I could see it killing him slowly with every dark ring under his eyes. I just wanted to get up and lend a helping hand.

I remember when the darkness took over me and I felt like a child alone and scared. The stress piled on my family and I was stuck in a storm I couldn’t withstand.

My happy life was a memory, everything was hard. My mind was screaming, “I can’t! It’s too much! I’m not worth it! No one loves me! Nothing can help! I’m too heartbroken!”

My journey changed…

I remember seeing the light as I stood up from my wheelchair and began to walk. My mind calmed down, as I resumed doing activities I loved. My body was still stressed from the nightmares, nausea, and darkness from the traumas.

I saw a friend so happy. She shared her secret, “Just try this lemonade…” I MADE ONE CHANGE! I felt happiness again. I got motivated to be a better mom again. I was now taking on more household chores and got motivated to exercise.

My husband said, “The last 4 years had been incredibly hard. I didn’t know if I’d wake up next to beauty or the beast. Since you’ve been taking this drink, your personality changed to almost 180 degrees! I am excited to see the woman I married again! Don’t you dare stop drinking that!”

ZipSlim is a lifestyle change for me. I found happiness and peace, I can thrive again. Memories of my old self have become a reality of a better refined version of myself! ZipSlim is my saving grace!

I’m also blown away with the impact Reboot 66 rituals have had on my life! My mindset starts positive in the morning with gratitude. My skin is no longer dry because I drink enough water. I lost 10 pounds in a month, the results are unreal!

Find your happy life, make the change. Be brave, take the plunge to be the best refined version of yourself! “You can! You are enough! So many people love you! ZipSlim can help! Don’t give up! Life is worth living!”

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