From Train Wreck to Train Engineer

My name is Lori, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Lori and this is my Before to Beyond Story.

My Train Wreck to Train Engineer Story.

I know what you are thinking….what kind of story title is that??!! Please read my story, and you will understand.

I started my Zipslim journey in September 2020, knowing I wouldn’t reach my weight loss goals. But wait….this is not negativity speaking but reality. I was on two breathing treatments a day with two different steroids in each. In reality, I probably would have gained weight had it not been for Zipslim. I had swelled up so much on the steroids that I couldn’t tie my own shoes! My new allergist called me “a train wreck.”

So I decided to get my train back on the tracks by faithfully doing the 9 reboot rituals, knowing I was getting all the other benefits of the key ingredients. These ingredients have helped me regain my health after a 16-month-long battle with severe lung issues. Knowing Zipslim works at the cellular level and considering my doctor called me a “train wreck,” I knew my cells needed to heal! I can now bend over to tie my own shoes and increase my stamina to walking 2.25 miles in just 40 minutes. The steroids aren’t completely out of my system yet after being allowed to stop them after June 30, 2021.

I’ve lost 22 pounds since then and 16 inches. Read that last sentence again. My emotions are stirring as I put my journey into words, and what a journey it has been.

As I talk to people about Zipslim, I can now include how the premium ingredients have allowed me to stay calm after my 94-year-old mom’s stroke on 7/2/2022. We were told she was no longer allowed to live alone. So from that date until today, my sister & I have cleaned out her home of over 35 years and sold it on 9/25/2022. In addition, we moved mom in with my oldest sister in SC….. the place I moved from in 2019 to help take care of mom! In the past, I would have been an emotional basket case. But now, I have remained calm and focused. I planned out in my mind very clearly what I had to do and when to do it. I fully give thanks and gratitude for the development of such an amazing, effective product that truly helps people become healthier and happier.

I also credit the team concept that Beyond Slim envisioned as a helpful tool. Through our 20-minute weekly zooms and messenger group, our team, Mission SlimPossible, has supported and encouraged each other to achieve tremendous results that we would not have been capable of alone. All nine rituals are essential, but other than the obvious, drinking ZipSlim, sleeping, moving, and water have made a huge difference in my life. I am grateful for this company…..who else would invest for that long believing results WOULD happen??!!

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