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My name is Connie, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Connie, and this is my Before to Beyond story…. I was always trying to find a way to lose some weight, especially when I was getting near my 50s. I started getting premenopause symptoms, and it was beginning to be hard to keep the weight off or maintain my weight!

I started having issues with my mood swings, lack of sleep, and cravings for sweets. The cravings for sweets began to be something I didn’t think I could break free from! It seemed like a continuing rollercoaster I was on, and I could not break free from the sweets. When I did eat them, it would interrupt my sleep and affect my moods, give me anxiety, depression, etc. It was a continuous battle.

Then I discovered BeyondSlim!!! I decided to try this! I started seeing results right away!! My cravings were gone, my appetite decreased, and my energy levels increased! My moods were so much better too! It’s hard to explain.

When you take this drink, you feel happy, and anxious thoughts go away! You feel amazing!!! The weight loss started happening by sticking to the reboot rituals. The weight was finally coming off! Now my weight loss numbers are at a level I didn’t think I could ever reach! Starting at 130 pounds, I now weigh 118.6. My husband definitely noticed a difference in my moods, and he can see it made a difference with me by taking Zipslim every day.
I suggest that anyone who wants to lose weight or improve their health in any way should try this!!! What is there to lose?

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