Getting Back My Aerobic Instructor Body

My name is Terry, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Terry and this is my story before Karen Covino shared her success story with me using ZipSlim.

My mom became ill in 2016 rather quickly and I cared for her 24/7 for five months until she passed. I became very depressed for several years and my family did not even notice the extent of it. I stopped exercising, stayed in bed a lot, my health started to fail. I had pains everywhere and doctors started finding multiple health concerns. This went on until 2021 and I gained a lot of weight which never happened to me before. I was thin almost all of my life even after giving birth to 3 girls. I have been a personal trainer and Aerobics instructor since 1982. I ate clean and low fat my entire life, but the weight won’t come off any longer. I had an emergency hysterectomy also in 2014 which did not help matters. I was so frustrated that no matter how I ate or how much I walked, the weight would not come off.

I knew Karen Covino through her husband Bob, who is a contractor I use. I am a realtor and her husband has done work for me and my customers. I saw her results on Facebook and she reached out to me when I complimented her on a photo. She told me about ZipSlim and the benefits of feeling better, looking better, and changing her life. It’s easy, I enjoy the flavor now and cannot go without it. My mood is better, my skin glows I’ve heard, and the scale moved for the first time in years!!!!! My body changed.

I have more to go, but I am sure I will do it.

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Before to Beyond Stories