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I Found Me!

My name is Nicole, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Nicole, and I have a story to tell. All my life I have been overweight. All the yo-yo diets helped but then the weight always came back. I would lose 60 pounds only to gain 100 back, and this happened to me several different times. But I found out that changing my mindset definitely helped. I’ve been making better eating choices and working out for two years now.

I hit a major plateau that was hard to come out of in the Spring of 2023.

But then, I was added to the Lemonade Stand by one of the coaches I am friends with on Facebook. I was seeing posts about how a lot of people were doing amazing with this product but didn’t think it would work for me. My coach had a special going on and I asked about it. She gave me the info about the product, and I purchased it once I got paid. I tried ZipSlim and it helped me break that plateau I was in for almost 8 months. So far, I’ve dropped 10 pounds and some inches, but I also love the energy boost I get with the products, the lemonade and ZipBOOM!

I’m getting ready to start my fourth month. I look forward to seeing more progress as the year goes by!

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