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My name is Shawn, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I was skeptical as I usually am about weight loss products at first, but after seeing my wife, I decided to give it a go.

We had planned on getting a jump start on our 2021 New Year resolution beginning of December, but Covid hit us hard for 5 weeks.

In February, we joined a Reboot Group for 6 weeks and it was incredible.

Today, I feel great and I’ve lost 31 pounds, 1 pants size down, and I’ve had to make additional new holes in my belt. My wife lost 17 pounds, is 3 pants sizes down, and is looking awesome.

Thank you Beyond Slim® for this amazing delicious blackberry lemonade tea. This product has helped my wife tremendously given her energy and strength in her legs and much more. 4 ½ years she suffered walking, couldn’t stand or sit too long and constantly needing to elevate her legs that she rather stay home. It’s so nice to see my wife happy and enjoying life again.

My wife Mary Lynne got on the product and I could see the changes, and she couldn’t stop talking about it.
I can tell you that this product delivers and more and what we have released so far, it works!

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Before to Beyond Stories