No More Eeyore

My name is Lynn, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I’m a very analytical guy who needs facts, figures, and reasonable evidence before making a decision.

In other words, I don’t have a propensity for being easily excited or making emotional purchases. Therefore, when my brother shared ZipSlim® with me, I went into research and analysis mode, because that’s how I roll.

I created a spreadsheet to compare what supplements I was currently purchasing and ingesting versus the ingredients found in ZipSlim®. I soon discovered that although I would be required to spend more on the blackberry lemonade than I had been on my handful of assorted capsules and tablets, the potential benefits FAR outweighed what I was currently experiencing AND it sounded like the drink would be considerably more enjoyable than packing in the pills several times per day.

Feeling comfortable with my decision, I began this rather interesting journey to my new and improved lifestyle! My highest weight was 248 pounds, and I honestly looked and felt like I had swallowed a basketball. I’ve struggled with depression and anxious mental patterns my entire life and this would habitually lead me to the Oreos, ice cream, and other sugar based snack attacks, usually late at night.

One of the first benefits I noticed was that those late night munchies just went away quietly and I wasn’t feeling as anxious or down in the depths of despair. In fact, it was on Day 45 that I made a journal notation that I was no longer thinking about or craving sugar/carbs AT ALL. I’ve had more than 65 birthdays, and this has NEVER happened until now. NO MORE STRUGGLE OR DISCIPLINE REQUIRED to make healthy choices – WOW – a very big deal!

In the first 45 days, I noticed mental clarity had increased, my craving for sugar disappeared, and my mood was absolutely elevated!!

I lost weight and gained a positive attitude through the recommended daily rituals of walking and expressing gratitude – I didn’t change a single eating habit until AFTER the first 45 days when I incorporated having more greens and fruit – which I love to eat. Friends, family and coworkers are asking me what has changed – that’s easy – I now take ZipSlim® twice a day instead of the many supplements I was taking before.

In the happiness column of my spreadsheet (a new add for me), I noticed a lot more days were HAPPY! This is something my family and friends are amazed by. To say that my outlook has shifted from negative to positive the majority of the time is not an exaggeration, it’s a fact that I have consistently and methodically tracked, and is fully verifiable.

Bottom line is that I am now about 30 pounds lighter than when I started this Reboot. I’ve melted 5 inches off my “basketball” belly, AND I’m down almost 5 notches on my belt. I have increased energy to enjoy being more physically active, which is a valuable & appreciated upgrade here in beautiful Colorado! I can hike and explore with ease and have found the value far exceeds the monthly expenditure for my ZipSlim®.

I’m getting SO MUCH MORE out of life since I made the logical choice and clear cut decision to become Fitter, Healthier, & Happier. At Age 66, Reboot 66 has transformed me. I am Eeyore No More!

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