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It’s Better Late Than Never

My name is Angela, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Angela Schroeder and this is my Beyond Slim story. I was a scrawny kid till I was seven years old when my metabolism seemed to change. After that it was up and down the scale. In my mid-20s, I started taking things extra serious, lost 25 pounds, and looked and felt amazing, then eventually gained it back, PLUS, and that’s when that vicious cycle repeated itself until I weighed quite a bit more, depending on the level of stress in my life. Up and down. Up and down. In my late 40s, I gained quite a bit and then lost that and more. At 53, I was holding at my lowest weight in a long time but still too high, definitely not feeling healthy. Inflammation and bloat were high, energy was usually low, hormones were off and I was addicted to sugar.

A friend was posting on social media about all the amazing things ZipSlim was doing for her, especially helping with inflammation, sugar cravings, and appetite. I had to jump! What did I have to lose except for all the things I DIDN’T want? I jumped in as a coach, knowing that if I was seeing results, I would be telling people! Inflammation immediately went down, and people noticed my face right away. Then my midsection started shrinking. I have lost about 10 pounds, but it seems like more by the way I’m feeling and my clothes are fitting. I’m not eating as much. Sugar cravings are down, my head seems clearer and I have more energy. I haven’t worked hard at working out and eating right like I should, so I’m excited to get more serious and see what happens then! I have also been able to quit taking most of my other supplements because everything is built into ZipSlim!

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